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This website only provides information about Gypsy Cards, the origin of
spells, anything to do with Sanskrit language, is translated, which
opens an ancient history previously unknown to most of us.
How Sanskrit Language Relating to Tarot Cards? The creators of
Sanskrit language were ancient people who also left us writing,
hieroglyphics as well, since Sanksrit used picture writing. Hieroglyphics
was the base of Greek alphabet and later on the Roman.


A new way to understand tarot, exploring the origin of the tarot cards transcribed from Sanskrit Language. Sanskrit is the only way to understand the origin of Tarot, its purpose and meaning. When you translate the word Tarot, you will realise this ancient origin. The word Taro derived from the Sanskrit word tARA, meaning Earth, and from the Sanskrit word tArita, meaning liberated, saved, rescued, conveyed across. Why is Tarot related to Earth? Its meaning referring to our voyage, life, how to achieve balance and enlightenment in our journey of life.​

About Us

Divine Book Sale opened on 2/02/2011. We are located in Australia to bring you new and "Divine" books.. Books were developed for you, which are not available anywhere else. You have been asking for tarot books, spells and Charmed Book of Shadows .

Our aim was to bring you a new way, which is the most ancient, original way to understand the tarot, and we have.We done an extensive research, lasted over 6 years and it is still a work in progress. Exploring the origin of the taro cards in relation to ancient Greek mythology, as Gypsy cards contain too many Avatars from Greek mythology to be ignored.

To our surprise what we have discovered is that most characters in Greek mythology derived from Sanskrit and the Veda, as their meaning is similar or rather identical to Buddhist and Hindu teaching. Therefore, we looked into the language of the Romani (Gypsy) people, as their name is on the Tarot, called Gypsy Taro Card, and we've unearthed an ancient secret.

The Romani people are the only people today whose native language is Sanskrit and they still speak this ancient language. The language of their host country is always their second language after Sanskrit.

The sound of Sanskrit language cannot be compared to any language in existence. It is the most beautiful language I ever heard. When you hear Sanskrit language, you overcome by a feeling of humbleness from its beauty, which cannot be described by words.

Hence from here we had to research the origin of the Romani people, customs, religion, the ancient past, ancient secrets, which is still guarded today, meaning they are the most oppressed people in the world. No nation, no races experienced such injustice, prejudice, hatred as the Romani people, and they have no voice to claim justice. They are silenced by very powerful people.

There are many who claiming to be Gypsies, some of them famous, are not Romani, but they are most likely belong to some type of criminal organisation.. If they were Romani, they would know they have to hide their identity or they will be persecuted, dragged all over the media, jailed, and more often killed.

So who are these ancient people, who are hidden away from the world?

To find out who the Romani people, we can start with their name. You will find the meaning of ROMANI in Buddhist Chants. R OM MANI...

Translating Romani with the original Sanskrit writing, which is hieroglyphics, it opens up it's secrets


or rA means; love, yield, give, bestowing, effecting


or AUM means; to become one with the creator, whilst AUM means A: Alpha, (creator) U: fire (Knowledge) M: water (unification), buddhi state.


- creator or mA happiness, pray, prepare.


- 7th note (a "seventh note" usually means dominant seventh chord: a major triad together with a minor seven). The Seventh note (chord) is referring to the creation of the universe, non-matter creation of matter and the Triad, the triangle, is the reference of the creator,  'the sound of God' YAH-ZUS which caused the beginning of creation.

Translating the Gypsy card's images from Sanskrit, it become rather a "guide to the right path", similar to Buddhist teaching and ideology, meaning the cards original purpose was 'to show you the right path toward liberation, how to overcome desires, greed, anger, to live a happy, well balanced life', which leads to an enlightened state, becoming one with the universe.

The first truth we found is that Sanskrit language is not made for religious purposes only, not Indian in origin and it is not a dead language as Sanskrit is still in use and spoken by the Romani people today. Their true identity and their language kept hidden, and instead we find misleading, racist propaganda of their origin, their language, customs, their appearance which is olive complexion and not blond and white. Hiding these facts shows the extent of racism from the highest positions, (countries, governments, offices, the church, different religious organisations, the media, and could go on and on...) they have to endure, since their first enslavement over eight-ten thousand years ago... Could be longer then that... This is only an estimate. There is only one person in high position who acknowledges the Romani people, the Dalai Lama, from Tibet, who have to live in exile. Only an enlightened person, who achieved the Buddhi state dare to face the existence of truth, even if it means endangering yourself.

The second truth appeared front of us is that the Romany people were the so called Phoenicians, and they were not only the founders of the Sanskrit language, but they laid down the foundation of philosophy, science, the secrets of the universe, religion, so on. When we talk about religion however, do not picture temples and churches. A Church or a Temple is your body, it should not be outside of you. When you join any organisation, you become part of a hierarchical system which always based on corruption, inequality, hence it is against the base principles of impartiality, which was the core foundation of the Romani people's religious belief system.

Sanskrit is the base alphabet of every language existing today, and they used hieroglyphic writing. hieroglyphic derived from Sanskrit, from two words;  heli is Sun and grAhin drawing; heligrahin therefore means Sun drawing, Sun writing. Sanskrit also derived from two words, from sans envisage, foretell, predict, approve and kRti creation. Therefore Sanskrit should be written as SansKrti.
There are many type of Gypsy Cards and, whether Hungarian, Austrian or Italian are a system all on their own. Well, this is what the  common belief system is  
among Tarot Readers. That is why Gypsy cards are not called Tarot Cards. What is the difference? Tarot cards like Rider Waite are numbered and usually consist  
of 78 cards. Whilst Gypsy cards are not numbered and don't have major and minor arcanas. What is Arcana? Arcana translating as 'secrets or mysteries', hidden,  
concealed secrets. The word is originated from Latin arcanus, from arcere ‘to shut up’, from arca ‘chest’. However, this word goes much further back than  
Latin, it's origin derived from Sanskrit language 'arcana' translating to  worship, honor and it is also relating to the primordial Sun.
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