Is there such thing as Gypsy Spells?

Most people are still in the dark about the origin of the Gypsies, the origin of spells and the origin of tarot cards which bears their name, 'Gypsy Tarot'. There are many myth about the Gypsies, which all comes from outside sources and no one bothered to ask the Gypsies. the Roma people or to follow up on the truth. Today there are many people claiming to be Gypsies, telling stories about their belief system, customs, cultures and they all originating from England, or rather they calling themselves English Gypsies whilst they are white and blond, which is not how Gypsies look like. Yet no one bothers to question if they are who they say to be. Are we really so stupid? When someone is claiming to be an 'alien creature from outer space' wouldn't you question it? Instead we rather chose to believe this is the truth, we rather believe in lies, myth and speculations, racist ideals. The name Gypsy and Roma today become the main topic for free racism without any consequences by Human Right Organizations. The name Gypsy is widely used as a tool to sell cards, songs, movies, tarot or spells without asking their permission and to top all this they are selling it under 'gypsy' names whilst practicing their business in a crooked manner. The truth is hidden about the past of the Roma people until recently when the original Gypsy interpretation of Greek mythology, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc was discovered in Sanksrit which is the language of the Roma, Gypsy people. Until now only a few people and organizations (including the church) who knew this secret, the origin of the Gypsies, the origin of spells and the origin of their Tara Cards (tarot cards). That is why the use of tarot was forbidden by the church, they were worried the Roma will remember their ancient past. Indeed, the Tarot Card is hiding the ancient secrets of the Roma's past and history.. Find out more >>>

The first thing should be clear is that the language of Roma (Gypsy) people is Sanskrit, which is the oldest language in the world. It is still spoken by the Romany people today, despite of the wide advertising to be a dead language or that it was used for religious purpose only. That is false information.

The other important fact to clear is that Gypsies never used spells. It is a serious violation against God, the profanation of the sacred knowledge. It is considered as the selfish concern of the 'I', thus equating as killing someone when you are forcing your own selfish will on another. Spells originated with the Gorgons who entered Greece around twenty-five thousand years ago, where the Roma (Gypsy) were the original inhabitants. Ancient Greece was known as rAjaka in Sanksrit language, meaning shine, illuminating. 

The closest to Gypsy spell is mantras, which is vocalizing certain sentences in Sanskrit. It can affect your psyche, and they are specific about how you pronounce it. However it can never be used as spells, it is used for worship. Sanskrit language allows you to communicate with god, with the universe. The universe of sacred symbols, whose resonance in the archetypal levels of the human psyche can cause spiritual change and expand consciousness beyond the confines of mundane reality. Word Symbols or resonations that serve as gateways to realms of knowledge and understanding that inform and control life on earth, and, presumably, the after-death state of non-physical life as well.

Symbols that can open the mind to communication with spiritual beings who welcome the opportunity to interact with human consciousness. These Sanskrit resonances not only confirming to the aspiring student the nature of the truths he or she seeks, but it  has the power to heal, it has the power to change your DNA. How can sound have the power to reprogram human DNA? When you understand the universe, the sun and every life-form was created by sound, you understand the sound of god. Sanskrit is the alphabet of the Law of Correspondence. This universal principle acknowledges the inter-connection of all things with all other things.

Sanskrit is not a dead language, Gypsies still speak the ancient language today, however because they were enslaved  most meanings of the words and the knowledge are lost. And just as well. If this knowledge would of fallen into the hands of the Gorgons it would mean the destruction of everything.

The mantras which left are still chanted today, but it is useless. For the mantras to work you need to know the exact vocalisation, which is lost, it was wiped out and we can never get it back. With the theft of the Vedas, the loss of the language, the sacred vibration of the universe marks the beginning of the end. That is the main reason for the Thief card to be the last card in Gypsy cards. The theft of the sacred knowledge marking the start of a new age, the age of darkness and hell. The natural evolution of the mind not only stopped but it has regressed to a primordial state and knowledge will never return again. This is also the start of obliteration which will wipe out both man and gorgon.

The Origin of Tarot.

Even though most of the tarot cards are showing avatars from ancient Greek mythology, amalgamated with Roman, no one seem to notice this ancient connection. Most people tracing the tarot back to Egypt, Italy or to China, whilst the cards obviously portraying mythological images as a telling sign of their origin. They've derived from Greek mythology, which can be positively identified with the card of Message, Hermes who is the messenger, the card of Justice, adopted by the Romans from the Greek mythology of Themis, the Love card which is represented by Cupid, adopted from the Greek mythology of Eros and the list could go on and on, all leading back to Greece.

The next question is where Greek mythology originated from, all the Gods and Goddesses, with very human-like characteristics, more often violent in their nature. Was it the imagination of the Greeks (as we know them today) to explain life and creation or do they hold a deeper secret then we previously thought? To decipher the meaning of the tarot cards and the ancient Greek mythology one have to be familiar with Sanskrit, the Veda, Buddhism, Hinduism, philosophy, Christianity, and history. The Hindus, specially those who are faithful followers of this religion and the Buddhists could of identify this connection, yet they chose not to reveal it. Does this mean they are hiding some secrets? Do they know an ancient truth hidden from all of us?

Today there are not many of us who have all the skills required to understand the deep secrets of the Tarot. However, with some knowledge of Sanskrit you are able understand where the word TARO originated from. It is a Sanskrit word, derived from Tara, meaning road, passing over or beyond, passage, crossroad, ferry. Tarot also called Tarita in Sanskrit, a form of Durga, (fortress) also known as carca, meaning inquiry, discussion, recollection, as we already possess this knowledge and all we have to do is remind ourselves of this wisdom. Fortress (Durga) in Sanskrit can also refer to a temple, which usually a representation of 'You', whilst the word carca encouraging you to recall this ancient secret and hidden knowledge from the taro cards, from yourself, the knowledge which you already possess, it is embedded deep into your soul.

This was the main reason to forbid tarot reading in the middle ages, as taro contains all the secrets, the true history, the secrets of the Roma, Gypsy people, their belief system, culture, the origin of Sanskrit, the origin of the Vedas, Buddhism, Hinduism, Philosophy, history, Christianity and so forth... 

You will also find out how the Gypsies highly advanced civilisation was destroyed, with their language, which was the very first genocide in human history, the ancient holocaust.

The Origin of Tarot.

Tarot is a Sanksrit word, Tara, and it means passage, cross road, saviour, passing over or beyond. In short the Tara cards meant to point you to the right direction, a guide to the right path. When you learn to understand the original meaning of the Tara cards, you will also find out how the Gypsies highly advanced civilisation was destroyed, with their language, which was the very first genocide, the very first holocaust in human history.

Holocaust is a Greek word, which derived from two Sanskrit words. From Greek holo kaustos taken from two Sanskrit words Hallow and kSAma. Hallow meaning culture, civilisation, formation of Sanskrit and the Vedas. The other Greek word kaustos again taken from Sanskrit, from kSAma "burnt" burning to ashes. Thus, combining the words the meaning is to burn down an entire civilisation, wiping out every knowledge, including Sanskrit without leaving a trace of evidence. The other word used for holocaust is 'shoah' from Sanskrit 'sah', i.e. offer violence to, restrain, instigate, encourage. The other word relating to sah is sahate i.e. prevail, conquer, defeat, vanquish. These words should make you think about the holocaust. How can these words derive from ancient time, from Greece and from Sanskrit? It reveals the secrets of the Romani, Gypsy people, whose civilisation was destroyed, their knowledge taken away by means of slavery, the destruction of their culture, civilisation, the Vedas, the full knowledge of Sanskrit, burned to the ground twenty-five thousand years ago with the arrival of the Gorgons Garg and Garjo translating to 'the horrible ones'.

That is the reason why the Gypsy Tarot Card is ending with the thief card. The thief, Prometheus from Sanskrit pramatha translating to rape, destruction, tormenting, racking, theft. Hence, Prometheus wasn't a hero or someone who loved people, but a group of bloodthirsty Gorgons, barbarians without any hindrance or law. The story is not about 'fire' but Agni, which translates to knowledge, communication between man and God, the Vedas, the sacred text of the Roma people, which was stolen to conceal the knowledge from people. Only fragments of it left in temples and these fragmented Vedas are not enough to make out the full interpretation. The Gorgons ending the most ancient civilisation on earth, the Hollow-kSAma of knowledge, marking the beginning of darkness, division, ignorance, hell on earth.

The translation from Sanskrit suggesting that the original Tara, Tarita cards served as a guide to the right path, how to deal with our emotions, how to overcome desires, which entail jealousy, anger, hope, sadness, deceit, greed, pride, which derived from the Vedas. Hence, the Greek mythological characters are no others but the avatars of the Veda.

For example The card of Falseness derived from the Greek mythology of the three Erinyeses or three furies. The three Furies or Harpies, Alekto "unceasing", Megaera "grudging", and Tisiphone or Tilphousia "vengeful destruction". The card of Deceit derived from the third Erinyes, Tilphousia who is using deceit for vengeful destruction and all these names derived from Sanksrit and can be found in the teaching of Buddhism and Hinduism under defferent names.
For example Falseness or Tipphousia, the last Erinyes was taken by the Gorgons from the Sanskrit word tejobhaGga, meaning disgrace. When you deceit others you are deceiving, disgracing yourself. Deceit in Gypsy language also known as 'maya' meaning fraud, creating illusion, witchcraft magic, deception. Although Maya in ancient times didn't have negative meaning as such, it only come about with the arrival of the Gorgons. This word was chosen to describe their deceitful nature, their tricker which is left in Gypsy Tarot Cards as the card of Deceit

The pentagram derived from the Gypsy language, Sanskrit paJcataya, meaning five parts. The pentagram, representing the five elements, fire, water, earth, air and akasha (See Akashik Records) and deposited these in five hollows (the seeds of Chronos i.e. Time, from Sanskrit Krit 'to create') at the creation of the universe. Pentagram derived from two words, the first is paJcat, meaning consisting of five, and grAma meaning (musical) scale or line. The reason for using scale (music) is hinting the creation of the universe, the sound or wave which caused the appearance of time (Chronos or Kronos from Sanskrit Krit, i.e. creation). The "five corners" are where the seeds of Chronos (Time) is placed in order for the cosmos to appear.
In early Sumerian script a pentagram glyph served as a logogram for the word ub, from Sanksrit 'ubh' and 'ubhati', meaning "corner, angle, nook; a small room, cavity, hole; pitfall, bind" (this later gave rise to the cuneiform sign UB, composed of five wedges, further reduced to four in Assyrian cuneiform.

Pentagram Reversed

A reversed pentagram, with two points projecting upwards, is a symbol of evil and attracts sinister forces because it overturns the proper order of things and demonstrates the triumph of matter over spirit. It is the goat of lust and greed, attacking the heavens with its horns, a sign execrated by initiates."
"The flaming star, which, when turned upside down, is the hierolgyphic (sic) sign of the goat of Black Magic, whose head may be drawn in the star, the two horns at the top, the ears to the right and left, the beard at the bottom. It is the sign of antagonism and fatality. It is the goat of lust, greed, hate, attacking the heavens with its horns.

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